Noble Isle Tea Rose Collection

In recent times, Noble Isle has come up with some intriguing scents – Fireside and Whiskey & Water for example – but tea rose is an absolute crowd pleaser, universally loved and a generally happy, soothing scent. You would have to go a long way wrong to create a horrible tea rose product. This is actually a blend of black tea and rose with a dash of jasmine and clary sage which doesn’t upset it at all.

If you’re a rose buff, the roses used are called Pure Poetry, sourced from a fairtrade farm in Hampshire by The Real Flower Company noted for their exceptional scented flowers. So, the actual scent is delightful – a proper, green noted, sweet rose with just a hint of a jasmine trail. The Hand Wash, £18 and the Shower Gel, £20 are my favourites – I don’t think I’d shell out £38 for a smallish pot of body cream but the Hand Lotion is good at £20 and in theory you can put it anywhere on your body. I would.